Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wildest Moment Blogfest

I told you guys I was gonna do this, but I have to say that I am kinda regretting that now. Not because I don't want free stuff from Krystal Wade (I do), the host of this blogfest. Not because I'm too busy for real blogging at the moment (though I am, unfortunately).

No, I'm regretting it because I just can't think of a wild moment to blog about. The craziest thing I've ever done is also really the silliest too. I'm just not a wild kinda gal. My stories are never really about crazy things I do so much as crazy things that have happened to me (example: Ever been run over by a parked car? I have.). But there is one thing that I did that was pretty crazy and daring for me at the time.

Allow me to take you back 10 years. Cell phones weren't as common, pagers were on there way out, and blogging was all on OpenDiary. At least, that's how it was in the small town I lived in. We didn't have public transportation at all in my area, so it was a thing of wonder and curiosity for me and my best friend at the time. The only buses we had ever been on were when we were in school, which was far behind us now at the ages of 19 and 20. We'd only ever seen public transportation portrayed in movies and something exciting always seemed to happen once the character stepped onto or off of that bus. Remember Joey and Chandler losing the baby on Friends? Yeah, we did too.

We were at the restaurant where our friends worked, with its big exciting ice cream cone sitting on top of the roof for all to see and to draw all in. We had a window seat and watched as the traffic passed by in the nifty little downtown area. Nothing different from our usual routine.

And then it happened. The bus passed by. We watched it come to a stop at the corner and the many different flavors of people get on and off. Our heads slowly swiveled back around to stare at each other with wide eyes. We knew it was time.

We were going to ride the bus.

Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves set the bar high for bus adventures, but we were going to have ours that day. Eagerly, we made sure we had enough change in our pockets to cover the fare. And then we raced off to the corner, chattering away happily at our daring.

And then we waited. And waited. The bus had already left our stop by the time we got there. The sun was starting to set and we were both getting a little bit antsy. Riding the bus during the day was one thing, but at night? Well, that pushed our little adventure into more dangerous territory than we had originally planned. But we stood our ground as the rectangular vehicle finally pulled to a stop in front of us.

We handed the driver our fare and then he asked us if we were going to transfer to another line. Another line! We didn't even know that was allowed! The possibilities on this road seemed endless as we shrugged and took our seats. The driver handed us a little red slip of paper each and we both sat down and read them. There was a list of all of the connecting stops. He tried explaining how the system works, but we were either too small town to get it or just too in awe.

We looked out the windows as the city passed before us at a slow crawl. Buses apparently do not drive as fast as they do in Speed. Probably a good thing since the impetus for their high speeds was a bomb rigged to the engine, but I digress. The street lights began to turn on as we toured the streets we were already somewhat familiar with from our exploits downtown. The sky began to darken. A man came onto the bus and sat in front of my best friend. He began to ask her all sorts of questions about herself as she tried to politely fend him off.

I shifted uneasily in my seat. I couldn't tell what street we were on anymore. All I could make out was street lights and buildings, but they all looked the same. My best friend was still nervously dealing with the strange man. We exchanged weary glances, knowing it was time for the adventure to end but unsure of how.

And then, at last, the glorious site of the giant ice cream cone came into view, with the Christmas lights wrapped around it to act as sprinkles also serving as a beacon of familiarity to us. The white lights told us we were home. The bus came to a creaking stop and we both hopped out of our seats. Arm in arm, we rushed back to the restaurant and took our usual seats near the window. We decided to write about it on OpenDiary later when we got home, but at that moment we simply sat in our booth and breathed a sigh of relief at the comforts around us.
So there you have it. Craziest thing I ever did. Now if we're talking craziest things that have ever happened to you...well, then I'd have quite a list to choose from. Don't forget to check out Krystal Wade's new book Wilde's Meadow in the Darkness Falls series. She'll be back here on November 28th for an interview, so be sure to check back!


  1. Hmm. You need to start riding subways. They're like busses. Only underground. And sometimes you can't even SEE the driver. Oh yeah. Now we're talking wild ;-)

  2. haha...this was really cute. And yeah, I'm with Rhiann. You MUSAT check out the subway system. Or maybe the L train. :)