Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Paradise Earth: Day Zero by Anthony Mathenia

The Curiosity Quills Press Sci-Fi Tour is still chugging along and coming to another stop here, which means I am preparing to tell you about someone else's writerly exploits once again! The next book to be featured here is Paradise Earth: Day Zero by Anthony Mathenia. He will be stopping back by for an interview, which I am very excited about. A self-proclaimed escapee from growing up in a religious cult, his history is intriguing and seems to serve as a bit of inspiration to him for the themes of his books. I can't wait to find out more!

But unfortunately you guys will have to wait since his interview will be posted on February 10th. Until then, you can find Anthony on his website, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. Paradise Earth: Day Zero is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. You can also enter the Curiosity Quills Photo Contest for your chance to win a free signed copy of Paradise Earth: Day Zero and a $15 Amazon Gift Card!

Day Zero is the first of three parts to this story, so prepared to be hooked as you read on and contemplating banging on Anthony's door until he agrees to release the remaining two parts sooner rather than later.

When the ground quakes and blazing balls of fire fall from the sky, a religious sect interprets it as the fulfillment of long-held prophecies foretelling the end of the world. The members flee to their religious sanctuary, believing that this global cataclysm is the portent of a new paradise of eternal happiness.

Inside, one cold and starving man struggles to hold onto his hope for the future. He’s sacrificed everything for his faith in the prophecy, including his family. As the tortuous night drags on, he struggles to hold onto his hope for the future and grapples with a lifetime of beliefs, and expectations.

If he survives to see the paradise earth, will it be worth it?

Paradise Earth is a deconstruction of faith at the end of the world and beyond.

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