Sunday, September 16, 2012

You Might Be Your Own Fangirl If...

  1. Your little writerly heart goes pitter-patter when your favorite 'ship in your book gets "a moment".
  2. You start crying when your beta-readers start discussing your book in front of you with the passion and zest of the fangirl trapped inside you.
  3. You can't resist the urge to join in on said passionate discussion about your characters and your book as if you are NOT the writer.
  4. Your cover artist sends you test shots and you are unable to give any professional feedback due to the overwhelming urge to run around your house squeeing like the fangirl you truly are.
  5. You know that your favorite 'ship gets really complicated in the next book. You refuse to write said book.
  6. You grin like an idiot anytime someone blesses you out passionately about your book. Example: "You bitch! I was up until 3am reading your book and then you end it with a cliffhanger??"
  7. You've never been so happy to be called a bitch in your life.
  8. You can actually think of fanfiction for your own series and then have to remind yourself that it isn't fanfiction if you write it.
I could really go on and on with this but #4 is the one I am really struggling with right now. You guys should see these shots...deciding which one to put on the cover is going to be so tough. Maybe I should let my beta readers vote when the time comes. Still doing edits, so that time is a ways off but I am so excited that it is so hard to not post the test shots on here just for the shear purpose of sharing them with you guys.

Just know they are awesome. And I am my own fangirl. 

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  1. Yeah for being your own fangirl! I totally relate to #2 :)