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Thursday Takeover & Giveaway: Anne Hope Interviews Her Character From the Dark Souls Series

Anne Hope is taking over the blog today to interview her character Adrian from the Dark Souls Series. Three books and a novella are available now, and look really awesome. I don't know about you guys, but I'm adding the series to my To Be Read list! To convince you to do the same before Anne takes over, take a look at the cover and blurb for the first book below. Want to know what is in store for the rest of the series and don't mind spoilers? Keep scrolling after the interview to read the blurbs and see the amazing covers for the rest of the series out now. Want to win some prizes like a $100 Amazon Gift Card or an e-copy of one of the books? Check out the Rafflecopter at the end! And then tell me what you are looking forward to with this series in the comments below!

Soul Bound
Dark Souls
Book 1
Anne Hope

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-60928-948-5 
ISBN: 978-1619211391 

Number of pages: 338 e-book
312 paperback
Word Count: 111 K

Cover Artist: Scott Carpenter

Book Description:

The one man she wants is the one man destined to destroy her.

Sooner or later we all end up dead. Jace Cutler doesn’t have the luxury of staying that way. After receiving a fatal stab wound, he awakens in a hospital room in Portland, Oregon, with no memory and a big hole where his soul used to be. Worst of all is the glow. Everyone is surrounded by a strange white aura he hungers to possess, none more compelling than the one enveloping Dr. Lia Benson.

Lia has always been ruled by reason, refusing to put stock in such nebulous things as destiny. Until Jace dies in her arms, then miraculously comes back to life. Whenever he’s near, her soul responds and her body burns. And she’s consumed by odd dreams she’s convinced are Jace’s lost memories.

When Lia is kidnapped, Jace tracks her and discovers a shocking explanation for who—and what—he is. Something no longer human, a dark legacy that until now has lain dormant within him. Something that could destroy the one woman he’d sacrifice everything to protect.

Warning: Contains bone-melting sexual tension, scary battle scenes, heartrending emotion guaranteed to keep you turning the pages well into the night, and a positively divine hero who may just steal your soul.

About the Author:
Anne Hope is the author of emotionally intense romances with a twist—a twist of humor, a twist of 
suspense, a twist of magic. All her stories, however, have a common thread. Whether they make you laugh 
or cry or push you to the edge of your seat, they all feature the redeeming power of love and the heart's 
incredible ability to heal.

Anne's passion for writing began at the age of eight. After penning countless stories about enchanted 
houses, alien girls with supernatural powers, and children constantly getting lost in the woods, she decided to try her hand at romance. 

She lives in Montreal, Canada, with her husband, her two inexhaustible kids, a lazy cat and a rambunctious Australian Kelpie.


Reporter from Fallen Angels Magazine: Hello, Adrian. I’m so glad you agreed to speak with me today.

Adrian: Silence.

Reporter: (Clears her throat nervously) What can you tell me about the floods that have been sweeping across North America in the past few months? Some conspiracy theorists believe it’s a sign that the end is near.

Adrian: Then they would be right.

Reporter: Wow, thanks for not sugarcoating it for me. (Takes a deep breath). So how do we stop it?

Adrian: You don’t. We do.

Reporter: We?

Adrian: (A brief hesitation) The Watchers.

Reporter: Tell me a bit about them. What’s it like for an ex-Rogue to join such an elite group of warriors? Is your leader, Cal, as fearsome as everyone claims he is?

Adrian: Cal can be…intense. He and I, we have history. He spent decades hunting me, using Marcus to do his dirty work.

Reporter: Isn’t Marcus your father?

Adrian: Technically, but we were enemies long before we learned how to be friends. We’re still working on the father-son thing. That’s going to take some time. (A humorless chortle) Which is pretty ironic, since we’re just about out of time.

Reporter: Why did the Watchers hunt you? Is it because they didn’t approve of your lifestyle?

Adrian: (Raises a sardonic brow) My lifestyle?

Reporter: (Shifts weight uncomfortably) From what I understand, you’re somewhat of a legend in the Nephilim world. The way I hear it, you once hunted criminals, willing them to kill themselves and then feasting on their souls.
Adrian: That was a very long time ago.

Reporter: Why did you do it?

Adrian: (A deep, unsettling pause) Some souls are diseased. There is no cure, no way to fix them. If they are not extinguished, they will be reborn—over and over again—bringing chaos and death year after year, century after century. At the time, I believed I was doing the world a favor.

Reporter: What changed your mind?

Adrian: (The first embers of emotion flicker in his eyes) I found her, my soul mate. She convinced me everyone deserves a second chance. Even me. Now I leave justice to the legal system.

Reporter: So you did a complete one-eighty, started recruiting Rogues and domesticating them, proving that even the soulless can be redeemed.

Adrian: How do you know about that?

Reporter: Every Rogue in the country has heard whispers of your secret community. You’re a bit of an urban legend among our kind.

Adrian: Some secret. (The corners of his mouth twitch with amusement) I thought I did a better job covering my tracks.

Reporter: Word has a way of getting around, like the rumors about the Sacred Four. What can you tell me about them?

Adrian: Nothing much. If I do, Cal will have my head.

Reporter: Is it true? Do these souls have the power to stop the coming Apocalypse?

Adrian: Cal seems to think so.

Reporter: And you don’t?

Adrian: Not sure. I’ve never put much stock in prophecies.

Reporter: And if Cal is right, if the prophecy is real, what does that imply for the Nephilim?

Adrian: Honestly? (All humor vanishes from his features) If the prophecy is false, then the flood will kill us all. If it’s true... (He shakes his head regretfully) Hell, if I know.

Reporter: So what you’re saying is, we could be screwed either way.

Adrian: I never said that.

Reporter: You implied it.

Adrian: Did I?

Reporter: (Exhales in exasperation) Do you ever give a girl a straight answer?

Adrian: (Flashes a wicked smile) Not if I can help it.

Warning! Spoilers for the rest of the series below! And some really awesome covers too! =D

Soul Deep
Dark Souls
Book 2
Anne Hope

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-61921-250-3 e-book 
ISBN: 978-1-61921-681-5 paperback

Number of pages: 301 e-book
304 paperback
Word Count: 100 K

Cover Artist: Kanaxa

Book Description:

Save her life…or save mankind. His choice could cost him his soul.

For nearly two centuries, Marcus has been the Watchers’ most faithful soldier. Sworn to protect humanity, driven by an unrelenting compulsion to atone for past sins, he has rarely found a compelling reason to question his mission, let alone defy his leader.

His partner, Regan, is his exact opposite, an enigma he longs to solve. A free spirit and reckless to a fault, Regan acts first and thinks later. Her smart mouth and tender heart have fascinated Marcus for decades, but the Watchers’ strict vow of celibacy has forced him to ignore the sizzling attraction between them. Until now.
When Regan goes rogue to protect a very special little boy, Marcus is forced to make an impossible choice—commit an act of treason or watch the woman he secretly loves die.

Hunted by enemies and allies alike, Regan and Marcus run for their lives, fighting to thwart an age-old prophecy and guard a boy whose destiny may very well be to destroy the world…or save it.

Warning: Contains violent battle scenes, angels with twisted agendas, nail-biting suspense, intense emotion, burning-hot sexual tension, and a sexy, stubborn hero who would rather face death than admit what’s in his heart.

Soul Thief
Dark Souls 
Novella 0.5
Anne Hope

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-61921-836-9

Number of pages: 151
Word Count: 41 K

Cover Artist: Kanaxa

Book Description:

Born to hunt and destroy…until the light of one soul reawakens his 

Adrian knows he once possessed a soul, but it abandoned him the day he was murdered. The day he was reborn as a Rogue, shunned by humans and hunted by his own kind. By night he feeds the darkness inside him by finding and snuffing out corrupt souls, perfectly content to live as an outcast—until a random act of violence unites him with a woman who makes him feel.

Angelica Paxton believes everyone deserves a second chance. Even her rescuer, a mysterious stranger with hypnotic powers, an unsettling ability to invade her dreams, and a shocking secret. Much as her body wants to succumb to Adrian’s seductive charms, she can’t. Not without breaking his newly awakened heart.

Adrian swears to protect Angie from his kind, even if staying by her side means volunteering at the center where she works to reform the very souls he has vowed to crush. Even if it means abandoning the shadows for the light. Even if that light exposes the darkest threat he’s ever faced. One from which he is powerless to save her…

Warning: This book contains flying subway cars, a woman in jeopardy, a relentless villain who’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants, and a dark, sexy hero who could very well haunt your dreams and steal your heart.

Soul Chase
Dark Souls
Book 3
Anne Hope

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-61921-890-1
ASIN: B00DUB2554

Number of pages: 306
Word Count: 90K

Cover Artist: Kanaxa

Book Description:

A man she’d die for, a world she was born to defend… Only one can survive. For twenty-five years, Adrian has mourned the loss of his soul mate, Angie. He’s content to live as an outcast…until a series of abductions forces him out of 
seclusion and into the arms of the very woman he loved and lost. Angie’s reincarnation, Emma.

Emma is on the run, hunted by soulless creatures whose one goal is to possess her soul. They have taken everything: her home, her identity, her mother. Left with no other choice, she must trust her fate to Adrian, the enigmatic stranger who comes to her rescue. An immortal being whose illicit touch makes her blood burn and awakens an inexplicable desire in her heart.

Emma follows Adrian to his isolated community in Arizona, where she is assailed by visions of a past life. As passion ignites and her enemies close in, Emma is drawn into a world where nothing is what it seems and where love could prove the greatest weakness of all.

Warning: Contains a dark, tortured hero, a hunted woman who can’t remember loving him, a nasty villain hell-bent on destroying the world, and a timeless love story you won’t soon forget.

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  1. Thank you for having me over as guest today, Mara! I hope your readers enjoy the interview with Adrian.

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    1. Thanks, Harlie! Adrian is one of my favorite characters. It was fun to spend some time with him again. I hope you enjoy his books!

  3. I loved the character interview, very good reading.

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