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Thursday Takeover: Sharon Bayliss Tells Us What's Next for the December People Series

Have I told you guys lately how much I adore Sharon Bayliss and her series, The December People? No? Well, I do. I'm really anxious to read the next book and see what is ahead. Luckily, Sharon is stopping by today to give us some hints about what is to come in the hopes of tiding us over until the next book.

(And yes, this is going to backfire on her and I am probably going to hound her even more about the series, but who doesn't love teasers?) Take it away, Sharon!

My recently released novel, Destruction is Book One in The December People Series. I don't want to giveaway too much, but I do get a lot of questions about what comes next in the series, so here are a few key facts:

  • The December People Series will have four books, one for each season.
  • Book 2 is tentatively scheduled to release this fall, and will be the summer book.
  • Book 3 is spring and Book 4 is fall.
  • I have plotted out all the major plot points in all the books, but I expect the characters to make unauthorized plot changes.
  • Book 2 is finished and being edited. I'm currently writing Book 3.
  • Book 2 takes place the summer after Book 1, a little less than a year later.
  • In Book 2, David and Patrick are still major characters, but Emmy also becomes a major character and much of the book is in her POV.
  • In Book 2, we meet another wizard family--the Prescotts, a summer wizard family that are sort of like the "bizarro Vandergraffs."
  • More time (story time...not time between releases ;)) passes between each book than I think is common for a series. I do this to allow time for character and relationship development, especially to allow time for the younger characters to age up and develop and change. Also, I do it for realism. I mean, how much crap can happen to one family in one year? ;) They would explode if I did that to them! The whole series will cover about 4 years.
  • This passage of time makes the kids feel like my own. In book 3, Patrick is filling out college applications, and it freaks me out that the kids have grown up so fast. And, they're not even real... lol
  • Throughout the series, there will be death, and new life.
  • I'm not an overly emotional person, but just thinking about what will happen in Book 4 makes me cry.
Hopefully, that's enough to simultaneously satisfy and torture some of my readers. :) If you're new to the series, check out book one!


Introducing a new dark wizard family drama, Destruction by Sharon Bayliss, Book One in The December People Series.

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David Vandergraff wants to be a good man. He goes to church every Sunday, keeps his lawn trim and green, and loves his wife and kids more than anything. Unfortunately, being a dark wizard isn't a choice.

Eleven years ago, David's secret second family went missing. When his two lost children are finally found, he learns they suffered years of unthinkable abuse. Ready to make things right, David brings the kids home even though it could mean losing the wife he can’t imagine living without. 

Keeping his life together becomes harder when the new children claim to be dark wizards. David believes they use this fantasy to cope with their trauma. Until, David's wife admits a secret of her own—she is a dark wizard too, as is David, and all of their children.  

Now, David must parent two hurting children from a dark world he doesn’t understand and keep his family from falling apart. All while dealing with the realization that everyone he loves, including himself, may be evil.

Destruction (Book One of 

The December People Series)

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The Author

Sharon Bayliss is the author of The December People Series and The Charge. When she’s not writing, she enjoys living happily-ever-after with her husband and two young sons. She can be found eating Tex-Mex on patios, wearing flip-flops, and playing in the mud (which she calls gardening). She only practices magic in emergencies.

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