Monday, June 23, 2014

My Personal Fitness Challenge: Week 2 Summary

QUICK REVIEW: Okay, so week two was a mild fail, and week three I've been sick. But I owe you guys an update, so here it is! As you can see, inconsistency is still a problem. But I'm continuing to work at it, which is the reason I'm updating. Accountability, right? Luckily, my husband has agreed to join me with this fitness journey, and I'm thinking the support will definitely help.

DAY 4: JUNE 10th
Cardio: We used the secondary gym in our apartments (Wow, that sounds a lot fancier than it is, I promise. We just live in a big complex.), which doesn't have the same elliptical as the other one. It's this weird sort of hybrid between a stair stepper and an elliptical. So I did 10 minutes on that at 5 resistance and 10 cross ramp (whatever that is).

Strength training: Here's where the lesson was learned. I got impatient during my sets with leg extensions and didn't really wait in between sets. Know what that got me? A knotted up hamstring and a workout cut short. I had to limp all the way home. So lesson learned: Patience and rest time in between sets.
Leg press 4x10 90lbs
Calf press 4x10 90lbs
Leg extensions 3x10 60lbs

Summary: Don't be an impatient idiot.
Image from A Little Bit of Lisa

DAY 5: JUNE 11th
Cardio: 20 minutes on the elliptical-stairstepper-hybrid thingy at 5 resistance and 6 cross ramp for a total of 1.63 miles. (Note: Apparently I should let writerly frustrations over things like book titles build up before going to the gym. It works pretty well.)

Strength training: I am probably going to wish I couldn't feel my arms tomorrow. But for now, I'm pretty proud of myself.
Standing chest flies 4x10 5lbs
Dumbbell tate press 3x10 5lbs
Dumbbell front raise 3x10 5lbs
Dumbbell lateral raise 3x10 5lbs
Standing bench press 3x10 5lbs
Dumbbell rear delt row 3x10 5lbs
Bent over triceps extension 3x10 5lbs
Bicep curl 4x10 5lbs
Triceps extension 3x10 15lbs
Dumbbell side bends 3x10 15lbs
Lat pull ups 3x10 40lbs
Decline crunches 10
Decline side crunches 20

Summary: Feeling like a badass. And also fully aware that I will probably not be able to move my arms tomorrow. Reading day!

Day 6 was supposed to be June 13th or 14th, and totally could have been. But I procrastinated, which never leads to good things. Then I got sick and now I've gone even longer without a workout. So let this be a lesson: Don't procrastinate, because you never know what's going to happen the next day. =)

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