Thursday, July 10, 2014

My Personal Fitness Challenge: Week 4 Summary

QUICK REVIEW: My workouts look a little different this week, and not just because I'll be seeing my personal trainer next week when I go visit SC. My editor, Kriscinda Everitt, invited me to join her in a 30 day arm challenge on Facebook. I decided to go for it since I already workout anyways. Doing a little something extra will be fun, and probably help me feel better about seeing no weight loss results. I'm seeing physical results, but still bummed that I haven't been dropping weight too. Ah well. This is about getting healthy, right? Right!
Or, as in my case, look at the scale and see no change.
Week 5 is going to be delayed since it is travel week. Though I am getting some exercise in during travel week (running around the airport with a heavy bookbag on and a cat carrier in tow totally counts since I was sore as hell the next day. More sore than any of my arm workouts. Crazy.) like swimming and shopping. I'll slip back into another routine once we check into the hotel and I'm not bouncing around my relatives' houses and have access to a gym.

DAY 10: JUNE 30th
Cardio: 15 minutes on the ellipti-stepper at 5 resistance and 5 cross ramp for a total of 1.28 miles

Strength training:
Leg extensions 4x12 60lbs
Bicep curl 3x12 10lbs
Dumbbell side bends 4x12 20lbs
Calf raises (machine) 4x12 110lbs
Bent over triceps extension 3x12 5lbs
Dumbbell rear delt row 3x12 5lbs
Decline sit ups 3x10
Leg press 4x12 110lbs
Dumbbell front raise 3x10 5lbs
Dumbbell lateral raise 3x10 5lbs

Summary: Pretty good day and still working out with the hubbins, which does help for the most part. I'm upping my weights and getting there with the reps too. Though my arms still feel very weak with the front and lateral raises. I didn't feel completely obliterated the day after, which is good since I am throwing more cardio in.

DAY 11: JULY 1st
Cardio: Cardio day! Well, and arm challenge. 15 minutes on the ellipt-stepper at 5 cross ramp and 5 resistance for a total of 1.25 miles.

Arm Challenge Day 1: Today we were supposed to do 10 bicep curls, 5 dips, 10 seconds of punches, and 5 push ups. I adjusted mine since I can't do normal push ups or do dips at all because of my wrist. There's something about bending it and putting pressure on it that really makes the injury worse. I also doubled up on bicep curls because the 10 lbs weights were taken at the gym.
Bicep curls 2x10 5lb
Wall push ups 10
Air boxing punches 20 sec

DAY 12: JULY 2nd

Cardio: 10 minutes on the ellipti-stepper at 5 resistance and 1 cross ramp for a total of .84 miles

Strength training: I honestly don't remember what all I did for the arm challenge, but I'm pretty sure I did it.
Bicep curls3x1210lbs
Leg press4x12110lbs
Dumbbell front raise3x105lbs
Dumbbell lateral raise3x105lbs
Standing chest flies3x105lbs
Leg extensions3x1260lbs
Dumbbell side bends4x1220lbs 
Leg curls3x1280lbs

Summary: Along with the arm challenge (10ish wall pushups, 45 seconds of air boxing, and something else that I can't remember. Meh.), a pretty good day. 

DAY 13: JULY 5th
Cardio: 10 minutes on the ellipti-stepper at 5 resistance and 1 cross ramp for a total of .84 miles

Strength training: 
Bicep curls3x1210lbs
Calf raises4x12110lbs
Bent over triceps extension3x125lbs
Dumbbell rear rows3x125lbs
Dumbbell side bends4x1220lbs
Summary: Overall, a very weak day. My energy levels are crap right now, which doesn't make much sense to me but maybe it's stress. 

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