Friday, August 22, 2014

Introduce Your Main Character Blog-Hop

I was tagged back in June by Sharon Bayliss to introduce my main character, but I don't think I ever did it. I'm catching up on tagged stuff now, and with Heirs of War, Crown of Flames less than two months away from release and starting work on Heirs of War, Chaos to Reign, I think now is a GREAT time to do this one. Zelene really takes center stage in Crown of Flames, so that's who I'll be introducing today.

1. What is the name of your main character? Is he fictional or a historic person?

Zelene is a fictional person, even if my friends and family like to think she is me. ;)

2. When and where is the story set?

This story is set in modern times in different worlds. Zelene is in the capital of Estridia, Anscombe, which is the seat of power for the Duillaine.

3. What should we know about her?

Zelene is stubborn, rebellious, and impulsive. She grew up in a very rough situation, bouncing around from different foster families--some good, some apathetic, and some downright terrible. She never really had control in her life or the ability to truly stand up, and she is really taking those things for herself in this book. Zelene's tired of keeping her head down and staying out of trouble, which leads her to some pretty rash and impulsive decisions. 

4. What is the main conflict? What messes up her life?

The main conflict is that Zelene's twin sister, whom she still hasn't met because she was captured in book one before they were all reunited, is on the run from the Cahirans and trying to make her way to Anscombe with Alec's help. Zelene doesn't think that the Duillaine are doing everything they can to rescue Ariana, and she's tired of them using her as a political pawn. So she sets out to do it on her own. What messes her up is trusting the wrong people along the way, learning about a new and disturbing ability she has, and losing heart and faith in herself.

5. What is her personal goal?

Zelene's primary goal is to rescue Ariana before the Cahirans capture her again. 

6. Is there a working title for this novel, and can we read more about it?

Heirs of War, Crown of Flames, which you can read all about on my website

7. When can we expect the books to be published?

It will be out October 13th and is available for pre-order now!

I'm tagging Katie Hamstead, Lisa Collicutt, and Rachel Horwitz


  1. Ooo, thanks for tagging me. I will get on this in the near future. Zelene and her world sound fabulous!

    1. Thank you! =D She's definitely my loudest character in Heirs of War. =D I need to do this again once Altar of Reality is close to coming out!

  2. Thank you for this great article! Setting up the story with intrigue and empathy is so important, something a lot of writers forget when they get swept up in the excitement of putting pen to paper. Here is an article I wrote called "Introducing a Character, Not a Bore" that I thought you might enjoy: http://catehogan.com/introducing_your_character/