Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cover Reveal: Tears in the Rubble by Britni Hill

The cover for Tears in the Rubble is here! The book will be re-released December 16th and now includes a sequel novella. Check it out:

Layla Swanson is terrified of getting stuck in her small town, Hollow Oaks.  So, she’s made a plan.  Graduate her tiny high school, go to college away from home, and get her dream job.  She’s studied hard and devoted her high school career to reaching her goal. 

Graduation is just around the corner, and Layla is faced with the only person who could ever throw a wrench in her plan, Taylor Scott.  He’s her childhood best friend and despite the years since they’ve been close he knows her better than anyone else.  A chance meeting leads them down a road Layla never imagined. 

Now, Layla has to choose between her longtime plan to get away from Hollow Oaks and the one who’s captured her heart.  

Find Britni online at: https://www.britnihillbooks.com and on Facebook

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